Acceptance of Resignation Letter

It is a kind of letter in which company intimates an employee that his/her resignation is accepted by the company. A resignation letter is written by an employee of the company when he wants to leave the job from company. An acceptance of resignation letter may be written by human recourse department of the company. A letter of resignation letter may contain date, subject, statement of acceptance, date of resignation, payment and other information regarding resignation.

Acceptance of Resignation Letter

It should be prepared in professional format and in written. There are so many formats and samples available on internet to write a perfect acceptance of resignation letter. Here is a well written sample of acceptance of resignation letter that you can utilize and edit for your company. Simply download the file and make changes in it as per your needs and requirements.

Here is sample Acceptance of resignation letter download link.

One of the most important ways of communication is a letter. It is the best way to convey information, thanks, sorry, appreciation or other sentiments. Knowing the procedure of how to write a letter is a basic skill you can use in business, school, and personal relationships. There are some useful steps that surly assist you in writing a letter effectively. Letter writing steps are as follows:

Try to use natural colored paper like white to write a personal letter and company letterhead for business letter. Avoid using bright and sharp colors while writing a letter.

Mention your postal address in the upper right spot of the letter to get reply of the letter. If you are typing on company letterhead there is no need to mention return address. Also, mention receiver is address and contact details etc.

Add date in the letter by using perfect format like date-month-year.
Skip a line and add formal greeting or salutation below. Most important that professional letters should always be addressed “Dear sir/madam or Mr/Mrs etc.

After that you have to write main body of the letter. Main body of letter should include relevant and important information which helps to indicate the purpose of writing a letter. It should be concise and to the point.
After writing the main body of letter, enter a closing line, such as “Sincerely,” or “Yours Truly etc.

After writing a letter you should re-read your letter to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes because mistakes can build a bad impression on reader.

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