How to Set up Wireless Internet Connection

The internet has such a far reach across the world that we just expect it to be everywhere. We’re surprised when we can’t access it. There’s internet access across the first world to third world countries. Following these steps will ensure you have a reliable, safe internet connection at your house so you can best and most conveniently utilize your desk top, laptop, and other internet devices.

If you are reading this as a guide to setting up your wireless network, then it’s a good idea to print off the instructions now since you will obviously be without internet for a short while.

First, there are different service packs you can install which defend against worms, viruses, and other undesirable things floating around the internet. The one you will get depends on the computer’s make. It’s not necessary to download one of these, but it will make things smoother and can provide other benefits.

Before you run out to the store, make a list of all the equipment you’ll need. There are devices supporting three different types of networking technologies. They have similar names but, by and large, 802.11g. has shown to work the most reliably and is compatible with nearly every type of computer equipment.

For your wireless connection you’ll need a wireless router. This converts the signals moving across the internet into a wireless broadband signal, similar to the way a cordless phone works.

Next you’ll need a wireless network adapter to connect the router to your computer. Newer computers have this built in so you may not need it. Check to see. For desktops, buy the USB adapter option. For laptops, buy a card based adapter. It works beautifully and it won’t take up the USB slot. Also, for optimal convenience, buy a comprehensive package from one brand. This will also ensure that the parts of your network are coordinated. Also, every computer in the network requires an adapter.

Once everything is purchased, turn your modem off. Connect your wireless adapter to the modem. This should connect your modem directly to the internet. Soon, your computer will connect wirelessly.

The next step is to configuring your wireless router. Temporarily connect your computer to an open network port (any not labeled WLAN or WAN). Turn on your search engine and type in the website and password that will be given to you. The directions you take at this step depend on the router, but it should clearly tell you what to do. Just make sure to click apply changes or save after each step.

The final step is connecting your computer to the wireless network. If your desktop doesn’t have the built in adapter, plug it into the USB port. For laptops, insert the adapter into the PC card. The computer will sense the connection, but you will likely be prompted into inserting the CD that came with it. Following the instructions at this point should be simple. Now have fun surfing!

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