The Damn Cat Pooped on The Floor

The Damn Cat Pooped on The Floor

There is this particular spot just NEXT TO my cat’s litter box where he always like to “go”.

After many futile attempts of yelling at the cat, and not feeding the cat, monitoring the cat, and driving myself directly to loony-ville, I decided to try to attack the problem at the source. The carpet itself, not the cat’s behavior.

If you have cats, then, you KNOW. Cats will go where they have gone before. Cats will poop just outside the liter box for a variety of reasons. They will do it if the box is unclean, or full, or if they are mad at you for something. Once the smell of urine and poop are on the carpet, it is very hard to remove and the pets will consider that “their spot” and continue to “go” there.

I decided to implement the best tool I have at my disposal, my brain, which is far larger and capable of much more complex thinking than my cat, at least when I’ve had a few drinks and a line or two of blow. Am kidding. I never mix my alcohol with my blow.

I bought a bottle of Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner and put it in an empty spray bottle. After vacuuming the carpeted area thoroughly, I sprayed the entire area and let it sit for about twenty minutes before vacuuming. The instructions on the bottle advise to use a brush to rub the stained areas, which I did not do this time. I was more concerned with getting the smell out of the carpet, hence, the thorough soaking.

This morning? Clean carpet. However, this experiment will need a few more days and perhaps weeks to truly gather all the results. I plan to scrub the carpet with a brush this week, in attempt to lift the stains from previous carpet cleaners.

Carpet Ghosts

In preparation for her new furniture, Ronda wanted to know how to get rid of the places left where stuff had been moved.

To remove indentations left by furniture in pile carpet, place ice cubes on the divots. The fibers will swell as they absorb the water. Vacuum carpet thoroughly to pull up wet fibers, or blot with a paper towel and pull the fibers upright with a plastic fork.

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